Many people have trouble while trying to uninstall McAfee Security Center. This might happen for different reasons including virus activities, attempt to install another antivirus, file corruption and problems with some inconsistencies of installation and removal utilities from McAfee and Windows OS. However, this problem sometimes might arise from the absence of information on the right steps or the right tools for application removal.
One of universal tools that will help you to remove any program that cannot be properly uninstalled in a usual way is Revo Uninstaller. This FREE program has highest rates and many thankful users. It is especially helpful if there is many traces of uninstalled software left in your system registry and some of them cause strange Windows behavior and slow the system down, or even bring pop-up boxes related to some system or application errors. Revo Uninstaller will make your system registry clean, and your system will become more quick, responsive and reliable.

If for some reason you cannot download this program, then you can try to uninstall McAfee Security Center manually. Just follow instructions below to proceed with the manual removal or the program repair.

  • Open File Explorer and navigate to C:program filesmcafee.comagentapp.
  • Delete all files in this folder. If you can’t find this folder, open Search and enter “mcafee” in the input box.
  • Open Control Panel and start “Add and Remove Programs“.
  • Find and highlight “McAfee Security Center”, then click on “Remove.”
  • Close all running programs and restart your computer. The computer will reboot and run a systems check.
  • If the problem is caused by some corruption or missed files, then might need to reinstall the McAfee Security Center from CD and uninstall it as described above.
  • Note: If during this process you encounter any problem, start CMD utility and run services.msc. Set the properties for all McAfee services to “Disabled” and the recovery to “None.”

If this hand removal instruction doesn’t help you to uninstall McAfee Security Center, then just try to download Revo Uninstaller again or install some other program uninstall utility. Probably the simplest way to remove all McAffee products is to download the McAffee Consumer Products Removal Tool (MCPR) from the McAfee website. After you download it, double-click the downloaded file, and this tool will remove all traces for any of McAfee products.


  1. Trying to delete files in C:\program files\\agent\ is unsuccessful.
    I am asked to provide administrator permission!
    How do I do that? Please Help.

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