Oovoo is one of the programs for communication per Internet and also it let to do voice calls. This program is a very useful, but sometimes it can download different toolbars and extensions on your computer and install them in to your browser without your permission and even knowledge. You can know about these changes only when you run your web browser next time. So by this action the useful program becomes annoying and your wish to uninstall Oovoo grows every day with the appearance of different useless and absolutely needless toolbars.

But the removal of Oovoo can be not a very easy action, because this program stores a lot of your personal information that can be read by some hacker with their malicious intentions. So, here you will find some very useful instructions that are able to help you with this difficult action and to make it as safe as possible. You can follow them one by one and your dream about Oovoo removal will come true:

  1. At first you should close all the windows of the program that you are going to uninstall, in our case you should close all the windows of Oovoo.
  2. Find the icon of this program in the Tray, right-click it and select Quit.
  3. Save all the needed information of your account that was saved on the Oovoo server.
  4. Then press Win+R buttons simultaneously on order to open Control Panel.
  5. Type %appdata%ooVoo in the line and click OK.
  6. Copy folder with Pictures and with your ooVoo name in any other place, for example on your desktop.
  7. Then you should type appwiz.cpl in the Command Prompt.
  8. Then click Oovoo, right-click it and choose Remove or Uninstall.

But still we recommend you to use any special automatic removal tool than try to perform any manual instructions (we mean the instructions that include different manual removal of files, folders and registry entries). Special uninstallers will do all the necessary removals accurately and fast. You can use any uninstaller you like, for example Free Uninstall It, and don’t be afraid for your system files and necessary registry entries and values. You will never see any error messages if you will use Free Uninstall It if you want to uninstall Oovoo.

And also the usage of Uninstaller for Oovoo removal saves much time. You should just install it, run and choose what you want to uninstall.

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