ChatZum Toolbar is a browser add-on that helps to magnify Facebook photos when hovering over them. If you install this software, thinking about its helpful features, then you should know also the disadvantages of this program. ChatZum Toolbar belongs to the type of unwanted software, because this program changes the default browser settings and force user to use as a default search engine. It is impossible to change the settings until the program is installed. If you want to change the search engine, then you should uninstall ChatZum Toolbar.

chatzum toolbar

If you did not install this software on your computer, then this is one more fact that confirms that this program is unwanted. This program, like all other adware, can be installed in the system together with the freeware, downloaded from the web.

ChatZum Toolbar belongs to adware type of the infection because this program forces users to see the pop-up advertisements, while searching on the internet and use only the sponsored search engine. If you are tired of the presence of this program on your computer and want to change browser settings, then you should uninstall ChatZum Toolbar from your browser with the help of automatic or manual methods.

Here are the manual instructions that can be used by you. You should perform the instructions for your browser.

If you have Internet Explorer:

  1. You should open your browser, then press ALT+X buttons simultaneously, select Manage add-ons. In the Toolbars and Extensions find the add-on that you want to remove, then disable it.
  2. In order to change the search engine, you should click on Search providers, then select the search engine that you want to select and set it as a default.

If you have Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open your browser, press CTRL+SHIFT+A buttons, then remove the unwanted toolbar
  2. In order to change that search engine you should click the search bar in the browser, then click Manage search Engines. Set the search engine, then click Ok.

If you have Google Chrome:

  1. Open your browser, then press ALT+F buttons simultaneously, select Tools. Click on Extensions and uninstall ChatZum Toolbar there.
  2. Click Manage search engines and select the engine that you want to use and click Done.

If you do not want to use the manual method in order to uninstall ChatZum Toolbar, then you should use special uninstallers that can be downloaded from the Web, for example Free Uninstall It.

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