CouponDropDown is a program that is able to attach your browser as browser helper object and show the user different pop-up windows with advertisements. So, from the security point of view, this program is not purely safe and it is called adware. This program is so annoying with its pop-ups that user will not be able to use his browser as he likes. So, every his action will be accompanied with the tempting offer that will be hard to resist. To make you cool-headed I can say that all the information, including the advertisement offers that you can get from CouponDropDown is not real and reliable. So, it is better just not to read, but to follow the instructions that will help you to uninstall CouponDropDown from your computer once and forever.


You never should even visit the web pages that are described in the pop-up messages because the websites that you may want to follow are not 100% safe, probably you will visit some other dangerous or annoying infections on your computer if you will visit them.

CouponDropDown is a program that installs itself on the computer-victim and after the next reboot the user will notice its presence. The infection can penetrate your computer in the minutes when you surfing the web, in the moments when you click some advertisement links on the page of some suspicious websites. If you are going to remove CouponDropDown from your computer, then you should perform the following instructions:

  1. Try to uninstall CouponDropDown with the usual instructions. So, click Start button, then select Control Panel, click Uninstall a program link. Find the program in the list, highlight it and click Uninstall button.
  2. If the previous method was not useful for you, then you should try another one: uninstall CouponDropDown directly from your browser:
  3. For Google Chrome:

    1. Open Google Chrome, and then click on the Wrench button on its panel.
    2. Click Tools > Extensions.
    3. Find CouponDropDown in the list and click on the recycler bin icon near it.

    For Mozilla Firefox:

    1. Open your browser. Then click Tools, select Add-ons.
    2. Open the Extensions and Plugin tabs, find the CouponDropDown program there and remove it.

    For Internet Explorer:

    1. You should open your browser, then click on Tools, select Manage add-ons.
    2. Click on the Toolbars and Extensions tabs, find the unwanted program there and remove it.

In order to remove CouponDropDown infection from your computer once and forever you should scan your computer for infections. If you think that the described method id too hard to perform, then you should use any uninstaller you like. You have the opportunity to download Free Uninstall It directly from this page.


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