Understanding the Intricacies of Easylifescan[.]com

Easylifescan[.]com is a dubious website that often promotes online scams and spam browser notifications. It is notorious for the “You’ve visited an illegal infected website” scam, and it can redirect users to potentially harmful sites. This article will guide you through its characteristics and how to protect your system from its threats.

The Nature of Easylifescan[.]com

Easylifescan[.]com is often accessed via redirects from websites using rogue advertising networks. The content hosted and promoted by such rogue sites may vary depending on the visitor’s IP address or geolocation.

On our visit to easylifescan[.]com, it presented a fictitious anti-virus interface and performed a sham system scan, detecting numerous threats. Such deceptive content is usually employed to push malicious software. The website also requested permission to deliver browser notifications. If permitted, it will bombard the user with ads promoting online scams, unsafe software, and potential malware.

By interacting with sites like easylifescan[.]com, users might face system infections, privacy issues, financial losses, and even identity theft.

Threat Analysis

Threat Summary Detail
Name Ads by easylifescan.com
Threat Type Push notifications ads, Unwanted ads, Pop-up ads
Detection Names N/A (VirusTotal)
Serving IP Address
Symptoms Advertisements not originating from the sites you are browsing, Intrusive pop-up ads, Decreased Internet browsing speed
Distribution Methods Deceptive pop-up ads, false claims within visited websites, Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUPs)
Damage Decreased computer performance, browser tracking, privacy issues, potential malware infections

Our security researchers suggest using legitimate antivirus software such as Combo Cleaner to eliminate potential malware infections.

The Issue of Browser Notification Spam

Numerous rogue webpages, such as arrowtoldilim[.]com, securecaptchatop[.]top, and updateinfoacademy[.]com deliver browser notifications promoting deceptive or malicious content.

Unfortunately, scammers frequently exploit legitimate products’ affiliate programs to obtain illegitimate commissions. This makes it crucial to prevent deceptive sites from delivering spam notifications.

How Easylifescan[.]com Gains Permission to Deliver Notifications

Websites can only display browser notifications with user consent. Therefore, if you are receiving ads from easylifescan[.]com, it suggests that you have likely visited this page and permitted their delivery.

Preventing Deceptive Sites from Delivering Spam Notifications

To avoid being bombarded with browser notifications from suspicious webpages, avoid clicking “Allow” or “Allow Notifications”. Instead, choose “Block” or “Block Notifications”, or ignore the requests altogether.

Adware installed onto a browser or system can generate unprompted redirects to dubious websites. If your computer is infected with rogue applications, we recommend using an antivirus tool like Combo Cleaner to remove them automatically.

Rogue Applications and their Consequences

Rogue applications can cause significant harm to your system. They can lead to system infections, severe privacy issues, financial losses, and even identity theft.

Unwanted Browser Notifications Explained

Browser notifications are a useful feature that allows you to receive timely news from websites you enjoy. However, unscrupulous marketers often abuse this feature, leading to a deluge of unwanted notifications.

Dealing with Unwanted Browser Notifications

To deal with unwanted browser notifications, you should only allow notifications from websites that you fully trust. For added security, use an anti-malware application with a real-time web browsing monitor to block suspicious websites.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why am I seeing ads delivered by easylifescan[.]com?

All sites require user permission to deliver browser notifications. Hence, you have likely entered the easylifescan[.]com webpage at some point and pressed “Allow”, “Allow Notifications”, or a similar option presented on it.

Is easylifescan[.]com a virus?

While not technically a virus, websites like easylifescan[.]com can push harmful content. These sites typically promote online scams and potentially harmful software.

Recommended Anti-malware tools:

The easiest and most modern way of removing pop-ups, trojans, ransomware, or other viruses is to use automatic removal tools. See our Anti-malware tools below for further instructions.

Try SpyHunter

SpyHunter is a powerful tool that is able to keep your Windows clean. It would automatically search out and delete all elements related to malware. It is not only the easiest way to eliminate malware but also the safest and most assuring one. The full version of SpyHunter costs $42 (you get 6 months of subscription). By clicking the button, you agree to EULA and Privacy Policy. Downloading will start automatically.

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Confirmation of Malware Removal

To confirm that your computer is free of malware, you can send your scan log to the UnHackMe support team. You can find the instructions for this in the UnHackMe program.

Protecting Your Computer using AdGuard Ad Blocker

AdGuard Ad Blocker is a robust tool that can block all kinds of ads, remove annoying web elements, save traffic and speed up page loading. It is highly recommended for protecting your computer from malicious threats.

Downloading and Using AdGuard

  1. Download AdGuard from the official website.
  2. Double click on the downloaded file ‘adguardInstaller.exe’.
  3. Follow the installer instructions and complete the installation.
  4. Start using AdGuard to secure your computer from harmful ads and threats.

With the right tools and knowledge, you can protect your computer from threats like easylifescan[.]com. Stay vigilant, and always ensure your system is equipped with the latest security software.

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