Hao123 Toolbar is a toolbar that is able to penetrate your browser with the help of the Trojan that infects your computer when you visit some malicious or suspicious web pages. This toolbar aimed to redirect your search results to some commercial websites in order to increase their traffic. Also this program can infect your browser, when you download or install freeware. You should be very careful with any software that you download from the internet. If you notice that this toolbar is installed on your computer, then it is better for you to uninstall Hao123 Toolbar.

You shoudl uninstall Hao123 Toolbar from your computer

Being installed Hao123 Toolbar will annoy user with the pop-up advertising windows. You should not click on the links in it and it is better not to read them at all in order not to be interested in it. I can say you that no one of the users that pay for some goods, offered in the Hao123 Toolbar pop-ups, did not get their purchases. So, be careful with the aspect of the toolbar too. You should just ignore the activity of Hao123 Toolbar and find the solution in order to remove Hao123 Toolbar from your computer.

If manual instructions and video seem difficult download Norton – it is able to remove this adware.

Recommended Solution:

Norton is a powerful removal tool. It can remove all instances of newest viruses, similar to Framed Display – files, folders, registry keys.


Download Norton*Trial version of Norton provides detection of computer viruses for FREE. To remove malware, you have to purchase the full version of Norton.

Alternative Solution:

Norton Antivirus – detects files, registry values and folders of viruses that show the same behavior as Framed Display.


Download Norton

You can try both of these products to remove Framed Display

If you want to use manual method in order to uninstall Hao123 Toolbar, then you should be ready to some not easy to perform actions that can lead to the system crash if they will not be performed accurately without mistakes. But still if you got you used to perform manual steps, then you should follow the following instructions:

Find the browser that you have in the list and perform the instructions for it:

If you use Internet Explorer:

  1. Click Tools=>Manage add-ons
  2. Select Toolbars and Extensions
  3. Find the needed toolbar, highlight it and select Disable.

If you have Google Chrome:

  1. So, open your browser, go to chrome://extensions/.
  2. Find the unwanted toolbar in the list and then you should click on Uninstall button.

If your browser is Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Click on Tools, then select Add-ons, scroll down the list and highlight the toolbar in the list.
  3. Then you should click on Uninstall button and confirm the uninstallation.

Then you will have to change the homepage in order not to let your search requests be redirected. So, it is better to change it to empty page, then the infection will not have a chance to influence the search results. If you want to use a method that will be easier to perform, then you are welcome to download Free Uninstall it program in order to uninstall Hao123 Toolbar almost without your participation in the removal process.

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