Road Runner Toolbar is a toolbar that is full of different available applications. You can use it to get the quick access to radio station, Facebook or e-mail notifications. Some people also use this toolbar to know the weather. Every user can modify the toolbar according to their preferences. This toolbar can be installed to Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers. Some computer experts think that this is a legitimate toolbar, but in reality, it is bound with infections. You should uninstall Road Runner Toolbar in order to save your computer security and health.
Road Runner Toolbar is the toolbar that can be referred to hijacker, spyware and adware types of infections. This toolbar tries to make users believe that the toolbar is safe, because of the usage McAfee Site Advisor in it. But you should know that this application have nothing in common with the world-known McAfee brand.
uninstall Road Runner Toolbar

Road Runner Toolbar is able to trace users’ internet activity due to the infections that are installed together with the toolbar. Road Runner Toolbar can be installed by two methods: by the user or by a Trojan. But, still no matter how this toolbar appeared on your computer, you should uninstall Road Runner Toolbar from your computer.
If you decide to uninstall Road Runner Toolbar right now, then you should perform the following manual method.
So, at first you should know what browser you have, so according to it, you should select the instructions on this page. If you use Internet Explorer, so you should follow these instructions:

  1. Click Tools, then select Manage add-ons
  2. Select Toolbars and Extensions
  3. Find the needed toolbar, highlight it and select Disable.

But if you have Safari browser, then the instructions will be the following:

  1. Click Finder, then Applications. Find Toolbars here and click Road Runner Toolbar.
  2. Click on the Uninstall button.

If your browser is Mozilla Firefox, then you can use the following actions:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Click on Tools, then select Add-ons, ыcroll down the list and highlight the toolbar in the list.
  3. Then you should click on Uninstall button and confirm the uninstallation.

No matter what web browser you have, the changes will be applied only after the reboot of your browser.
There is also one more method how to remove Road Runner Toolbar from your computer. You can use the special program – uninstaller. I can advise you to use Free Uninstall It program that will uninstall any of the unwanted web browsers.

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