Nowadays there is such a wide range of toolbars that can improve the everyday life of the user. The modern toolbars offer the following features:

  1. The ability to run programs and to upload the sites quickly;
  2. Instant search of files on your computer;
  3. Instant search on the Internet;
  4. The order of the browser tabs and the on the desktop;
  5. Weather Forecast;
  6. The scheduler.

startnow toolbar installed in firefox

Startnow toolbar has all of these features and it can be very helpful from this point of view. But there are cases when toolbars installs itself in your browser without your consent or even knowledge. You just open the browser and notice that there is a new toolbar of unknown origin. So, in reality any toolbar cannot install itself on your computer, the reason of its presence can be a Trojan (which you can catch from any malicious site) or even YOU (when you install some free programs and don’t notice the tick, which gave the right to install the toolbar that is additional to the program that you want to install). So be attentive, you should not visit some suspicious sites or install all freeware additions. So, there are some cases when a toolbar contains some infections that trace the Internet activity of the user with some commercial purposes and send this information to the creators of the infections. You cannot know about this fact, so don’t install any program or toolbar that you don’t need.

If still you have the toolbar that you don’t need, you should remove it. So, if you have Startnow toolbar, you can uninstall Startnow toolbar, using our instructions:

  1. Click Start Menu and select Control Panel.
  2. Then you should click “Uninstall Programs” under “Programs and features“.
  3. Find StartNow toolbar in the list, highlight it and click “Uninstall
  4. Follow the instructions that you will see.

Also you can uninstall Startnow toolbar from your browser:

  1. Open your browser and click “Tools
  2. Select “Add-ons
  3. Open “Extensions” list and uninstall Startnow toolbar there.
  4. Restart your browser.

You can uninstall Startnow toolbar from the registry:

  1. Open Command prompt by pressing Win+R buttons on your keyboard, then type “regedit” and press Enter.
  2. Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREStartNow and delete StartNow, then find HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareStartNow and delete StartNow.
  3. Restart your computer.

If all the methods that we offer you are not helpful or you just want to find the easiest method, then you should use another method for example, use Free Uninstall It program that will uninstall any your unwanted program.

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