SweetIM is a program designed to make messaging fun by enabling you to add smiley’s and winks to MSN or Yahoo! Messenger, or Facebook. However, it might become quite irritating and soon. Moreover, it usualy installs itself in quite sneaky way as an adware. When you try to uninstall SweetIM, it might appear that it is not possible, and the program gives an error on attempt to remove it or comes back after the removal.

If you download some programs from the free software sites and torrents, be careful and lock for marked check boxes on the installation wizard views. These boxes might offer you to install SweetIM with all related problems as a result of your agreement or just inattentive installation.

Uninstall SweetIM toolbar

1)Try to remove it as another program with windows install/uninstall utility.

  • Click on Start > Control Panel > Add or remove programs
  • Scroll down to SweetIM and select it
  • In the bottom right of the highlighted box, click on “Remove”

2) If you’re unable to uninstall it with previous method download the SweetIM installer:

  • Download the new installation file here:
  • Launch the install EXE file
  • Then click the trash can icon
  • Click “Next”

Sometimes the program comes back because it is installed as an internet browser extension that extends to Firefox.

3) Uninstall SweetIM Toolbar for browser (Firefox)

You can just hide this program SweetIM from the tool bar by clicking SweetIM toolbar with right button and selecting SweetIM for Firefox. If you want to uninstall the program and remove it from your PC, open Tools in Firefox menu, select Add-ons and select SweetIM for Firefox. Click Uninstall button.

4) How you can remove SweetIM for Facebook depends on the type of internet browser that you have.

First you can try to disable or remove it going to Facebook Help Center.

Just follow instructions for program removal. If it doesn’t help then you need to remove it from your browser as it said in (3).

5) Remove it by hand

It is the last resort and not a safe one. If you are not comfortable with Regedit, then go to the bottom of this page and download Free Uninstall It removal utility.

Files you need to remove if found:

  • C:Program FilesMacrogamingSweetIMBarForIEsweetimicons.bmp
  • C:Program FilesMacrogamingSweetIMBarForIEtoolbar.crc
  • C:Program FilesMacrogamingSweetIMBarForIEtoolbar.dll
  • C:Program FilesMacrogamingSweetIMBarForIEtoolbar.xml
  • C:Program FilesMacrogamingSweetIMBarForIEversion.txt

Registry keys that hold settings for SweetIM program:

  • R0 – HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMain,Start Page = http://home.sweetim.com
  • R3 – URLSearchHook: SweetIM For Internet Explorer – {BC4FFE41-DE9F-46fa-B455-AAD49B9F9938} – (no file)
  • O2 – BHO: SWEETIE – {1A0AADCD-3A72-4b5f-900F-E3BB5A838E2A} – (no file)
  • O3 – Toolbar: SweetIM For Internet Explorer – {BC4FFE41-DE9F-46fa-B455-AAD49B9F9938} – (no file)
  • O4 – HKCU..Run: [SweetIM] C:Program FilesMacrogamingSweetIMSweetIM.exe

Automatic removal

While it looks as a fairly easy task, it is not an easy task for everyone. Following the instruction for manual removal might be not always easy because depend on the situation and the soft installed it might be a try-and-look approach. Messing with Registry might be more harmful than living alone with Sweet IM. However, there is an easy way to remove Sweet IM irritating program with a FREE special removal utility Free Uninstall It. This utility is specially designed to perform removal in any situation. Then click the trash can icon./ul

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