Webfetti toolbar is the application for web browser that allow the user to customize his social networking profile pages with a help of various layouts, graphics, smileys and other stuff. Some users think that Webfetti toolbar is a very helpful toolbar. But other users were the witnesses of the fact that Webfetti toolbar slows down the performance of PC, changes some settings in web browser and the homepage and hijacks the search requests, showing some other websites for such requests. In most cases the needed websites redirected to some commercial. Also there are cases when Webfetti toolbar downloads and installs different infections and freeware, including fake antiviruses.

It is hard to say that Webfetti toolbar is an infection or a malicious program and may be the witnesses of such malicious actions treated activities of different infections as the actions of Webfetti toolbar, but there are too much of such users. Moreover this toolbar can appear in web browser without users’ consent and knowledge about it. But may be the user is so inattentive that he did not notice that this toolbar was an addition to some freeware and he just click next, next to install it, not noticing that Webfetti toolbar was installed in this process too.
But still there are too much people who want to uninstall Webfetti toolbar from their computer to some reasons. Also the reason can be the wish to have some other toolbars and the odd toolbar should be removed.

So, if you are the person, who wants to uninstall Webfetti toolbar, then you can follow these instructions. You can choose what method to use, manual or automatic. The first instruction that we are going to introduce to you is manual:

  1. Click Start button, then select settings and Control panel.
  2. Open Add/Remove Programs
  3. Find the name of the program here and other Fun Web Products in the list, then click Uninstall.

If this method was not useful for you, then you can use automatic one. There are several useful software for such case. You can download and install such antivirus programs as Spyhunter Anti Malware, Spyware Doctor, STOPzilla, Norton or XoftSpySE Anti Spyware. You should find them on the Internet and download them, install on your computer and update. After the update you can run the full scan. Also you can use any program that was created to uninstall any program that is hard to uninstall. So, in order to uninstall Webfetti toolbar you can use such delicate uninstallers as Revo Uninstaller, Your Uninstaller or Free Uninstall It.

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