WildTangent is special video online game software. It even has partnership with AOL and it was the part of AOL Instant Messenger, being the part of its game section. This program has the special technology that let the user to play 3D games over the Internet. So, as you can see this program is not a malicious one, although it updates itself from time to time and also it collects the personal information about the user of the computer where it is installed. It has the information about the Operating System version, CPU Type and Speed, memory amount, the types and driver versions of your hardware. So, if you don’t need this program or you are afraid that this information will be send to somewhere, you should uninstall Wildtangent games from your computer. There are some opinions that it is too hard to remove this program from your computer and it is harder than some other programs.

wildtangent uninstaller

We will show you the way how you can uninstall Wildtangent games from your computer. Firstly use this common and easy method of removal:

  1. Open Control Panel by clicking Start button and selecting Settings
  2. Open Add/Remove Programs
  3. Find here the name of the unwanted Wildtangent games program and select Uninstall or Remove (the name of the button depends on type of the operational system)
  4. Then you should follow the screen windows.
  5. After that you should download HijackThis, install it and run.
  6. Put the tick into the following checkbox:
  7. 04 – HKLM..Run: [WildTangent CDA] RUNDLL32.exe “C:Program FilesWildTangentAppsCDAcdaEngine0400.dll”,cdaEngineMain

  8. Click on the Fixed Checked button.

So, if this method was not useful in your case or you are not sure that Wildtangent was removed from your computer, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Press Win+R button to open Command Prompt. Type regedit in the line and press enter.
  2. Navigate the following registry entries: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Control Panel/Cpls
  3. Find there wtControlPanel line and delete it, you will find the delete button if you will right-click it.
  4. Close the registry editor
  5. So, be sure that no one file of Wildtangent games exists on your computer, if they still do, then you should remove them manually. Double-click your C drive in My Computer. Open your Program Files. Delete WildTangent by clicking SHIFT+DEL, if this folder still exists there.
  6. Then you should return to your C drive and open your Windows folder. Find there WT folder and also press SHIFT+DEL buttons simultaneously.

Also if you think that all of the instructions are too hard to perform, you are free to use automatic removal tools in order to uninstall Wildtangent games. You also can use any special uninstaller, for example Free Uninstall It. This special tool will remove any program that is impossible to remove with Add/Remove Programs system utility.

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