What is “Upgrade Zimbra Account”?

“Upgrade Zimbra Account”

Users of Zimbra should ignore and delete the phony email below since it is a phishing scam. Cybercriminals are attempting to dupe users into clicking on a link in the scam that leads to a phishing attack. This is why it is not advised that internet users log into their accounts by following links in emails, specifically unexpected communications.

The content of “Upgrade Zimbra Account” email scam:


Dear Mailbox User
Confirm your Account to Upgrade Your Zimbra.
Kindly click on the below to Update Your account.


However,if you do not update your mailbox now,You will be
shut down shortly and all your email data will be lost permanently.
Email Administrator

This message is auto generated from the email security server ,and replies sent to this email can not be delivered .
This email is meant for zimbra

Brief overview:
Name “Upgrade Zimbra Account” scam
Type of threat Scam email, social engineering, fraud
Distribution method Impersonating court summonses issued by official agencies for allegedly watching child pornographic videos and engaging in pedophilia
Goal Stealing customers’ personal information or deceiving them into paying phony fines
Removal Tool To get rid of scam emails and avoid them in the future, we recommend using MailWasher.

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