What is “Your Social Security Document is now available”?

“Your Social Security Document is now available” is a phishing scam email that informs users that anything is missing from their social security account. The alleged supporting paperwork is enclosed with the letter but the attachment itself is password protected. In order to access it, the user must log in using their email address. The file’s log-in information is saved and forwarded to the spammers running the “Your Social Security Document is now available” hoax.

The content of the “Your Social Security Document is now available” email scam:

Subject: Your Social Security Document is now available

Hello :

Your Social Security account seem to be missing some information. For your security the document required to address this issue has been securely uploaded and attached to your email.

We encourage you to check your document and review the information :

Your earnings record (to make sure it’s accurate and notify us if you see any errors);
Your personalized monthly retirement benefit estimates (which now display how much you can expect to receive depending on when you decide to start your benefits between ages 62 and 70);
Other useful information that will explain your benefits and help you prepare for your financial future; and
New fact sheets that provide additional information based on your specific age group and earnings situation.

You can access your new Statement by signing into your account at socialsecurity.gov/reviewyourstatement.

For your protection, we use multi-factor authentication to make sure, only you can access your account. When you sign in, you will complete two steps:

Step 1: Enter your Email and password.

Now that you can access your Statement instantly and anytime online, we will not automatically send one by mail.

We hope you find your new Statement useful and informative.

Brief overview:
Name “Your Social Security Document is now available” scam
Type of threat Scam email, social engineering, fraud
Distribution method Impersonating court summonses issued by official agencies for allegedly watching child pornographic videos and engaging in pedophilia
Goal Stealing customers’ personal information or deceiving them into paying phony fines
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